Traffic Offenses

A DUI is not the only traffic related offense that can cost you your driver’s license.  Illinois law provides for the suspension or revocation of a motorist’s driving privileges under an extremely wide variety of circumstances, and the list of suspension- triggering offenses is not likely to get any shorter.  Commercial Drivers’s License (CDL)holders face even more stringent requirements and must be especially careful to avoid being  adjudicated to be guilty of traffic violations.

Though pleading guilty to a petty traffic ticket may seem like the path of least resistance or a routine inconvenience, it is crucial that a motorist be aware of the driver’s license consequences involved.  Too many motorists blindly plead guilty to questionable tickets without knowing whether court supervision or a reduced charge was an option, or whether the traffic offense that they were charged with could actually be proven in court.  A CDL holder should always consult with an attorney if issued a traffic ticket, regardless of how simple the circumstances may seem.

Attorney Lance Cagle is an experienced traffic attorney who has a thorough understanding of the Secretary of State’s “points” system for traffic violations, the special rules and regulations applicable to CDL holders, and the techniques for defending questionable traffic charges.  Don’t make a mistake that could hurt lead to CDL disqualification, the suspension of your regular driving privileges, or increased insuranc e costs.  If you are charged with a traffic offense,  contact attorney Lance Cagle at (217) 379-4373 for a free consultation.