Criminal Defense

There are few circumstances in life that are as frightening as being a defendant in a criminal case.  A person charged with a crime must overcome damage to their reputation, stress on their career and family life, and the full resources and power of the government agency responsible for prosecuting the case against them.   It is a frustrating process and the odds can seem insurmountable.


A person charged with a criminal offense needs an attorney who will give sound advice on whether or not to go to trial and who also has demonstrated the ability to get a favorable verdict if the case does go to trial.


Attorney Lance Cagle has successfully represented clients in felony and misdemeanor cases throughout the Central Illinois area and has defended clients accused of criminal sexual assault, aggravated criminal sexual abuse, child pornography, official misconduct, burglary, theft, battery, and various drug, weapons, and alcohol related offenses.


Over the course of his career, Mr. Cagle has been successful in helping clients avoid formal charges or get charges reduced or dismissed though negotiation by presenting favorable or mitigating evidence to the prosecutor which changed the outlook of the case.   When trial is the best option ,  Mr. Cagle has won numerous  acquittals for his clients in both jury and bench trial settings, and over the past few years has secured not-guilty verdicts in well-publicized cases involving charges of criminal sexual assault, official misconduct, and illegal sale of drug paraphernalia.


Lance Cagle provides the combination of sound advice and effective advocacy that is essential to avoiding the potentially devastating results of a criminal charge.  To discuss your case with Mr. Cagle, call (217) 379-4373.